Showcasing your style

My background is film and television. Both in front and behind the camera.

Although this world often sounds glamorous, I find that as far as showcasing personal style goes, it is actually the opposite. If on camera, you show up in your pajamas basically and get styled in whatever wardrobe, hair and makeup is required for your role. So in this scenario there is little to no room to show up in your own individual style. If behind the camera, then even less room to be glamorous. Filming in the trenches and being on your feet for fourteen hours a day is not exactly the environment for heels and a hairstyle. I was one of the few people who actually dressed up as much as possible, despite the odds, but believe me it was not easy and often I was compromising. I always felt like I needed an outlet to express my style more and now I think that is what led me here to blogging! Hopefully this outlet will allow me to embrace even more my love of femininity and beauty and inspire others who are likeminded to do the same. Here's to all the rebels in heels out there, I love you! Don't give up! xo